KPOP Masters concert in Las Vegas - The Concert

Continuing from part one...

So my sister made our way into the arena. We had lower level seats and were pushing and shoving our elbows in to people to get in before the crowds got crazy. Luckily we did and practically ran there! We did stop for pretzals cause we were fucking starving. (((most delicious pretzal ever tbh))) So our seats were on the left side from the stage and we were probably less than 100 ft away from it. Fantastic seats! We munched on our pretzals and I was tweeting Asia (@simpleandpink) and Kim (@ipseuI) to see if they had gotten there yet. I found Kim and met up with her and we talked for a minute. She is so friggin beautiful guys! ((I'm sorry I scared you if I did ;~; you seemed a bit nervous!))
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I didn't want it to end but it did! I had a great time in Vegas! I hope they come back and do more concerts here in the US and that I can meet more B2uties!! Hope you enjoyed my fan account :D


KPOP Masters concert in Las Vegas - The Red Carpet

Ok, now that I remembered to do this I best do it before I forget everything that happened.

So the day of the concert was a pretty uneventful one until my mom, sister and I finally made it in to Vegas around 2:30. We were trying to get there by 2 so we'd have time to get ready and down to MGM Grand for the red carpet. When I say we were in Vegas at 2:30, it took us another 30 minutes to get to our hotel. For some reason my GPS decided to be a total fuck and take us in the complete wrong direction. Needless to say, we found the place and my sis and I took our time to get ready since we'd already missed our 3pm deadline.

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Next time: the concert!! Look out for it! (((tired of typing)))

Jewelry for sale!

adropofcitrus yard sale!
I have a lot of excess jewelry that I never wear anymore so I figure, why not try to sell it? Check it out below!

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hey why don't I write something

I never actually use this journal to write anything but jibegajima wrote a journal so I decided, why the fuck not use this thing for it's original purpose?

Tbh I kind of miss my old LJ name desty_chan. Even though this one is amazing and not in the least weeaboo, but desty_chan reminds me of my old roots :/ I made it back in 2002. Consequently I deleted all the old journal entries when I revived it a few years ago, and I remember some of the totally ridiculous things I used to write. It was pretty embarrassing tbh. Plus, that one has all the beautiful gifts melonfucka , snb123 , and lydzi gave me, not to mention I had a paid account so I had a fuckton of icon space, but...whatever. I grew old of the old name and my amazing tlist doesn't call me "Desty" anyway :D

On that same topic, I've drifted away from my childhood. I used to really love anime and manga but recently I don't really care for it. I don't know anything about the new fads in the anime world, only the old ones. DragonBall Z, Sailor Moon, Cowboy Bebop, Gundam Wing, Tenchi Muyo-- the oldies but goodies. I used to read manga religiously and still own all of my books, but I can't say I'd be sad if they all perished in a fire :/ how sad is that? This stream of thought also brings me to the new friends I've made on twitter. When I first made my twitter it was mostly just following friends I met through anime and have known for 15 years (no, seriously). Then when I got full swing into kpop I started meeting all the friends I have today. I can't say I regret the change. The people on my tlist are so fucking amazing, I can't even describe. Their presence in my everyday life is what makes it so great. It's a little scary to say that, but it's true. I could probably live without twitter, but tbh it would be a shitty, sad existence!

Beast made a comeback last month and oh my god they are more amazing than ever. They've been sweeping the awards like gods and I hail and bask in their glory. Seriously, there hasn't been a group that's ever made me scream and fap so hard. LOL I said I drifted away from my childhood before, but have I really? Maybe I just drifted to a different kind of one? :3 regardless, I wouldn't change what's happened because I wouldn't have met all the amazing people I know now without Beast. I'm thankful to them a lot.

I was in Ireland last week! That place is heavenly. It's seriously out of a book. Everywhere you go has history and you can feel it in the air. It was the most refreshing vacation I've ever been on. Just to be around a different culture and a different way of life was an amazing experience and I hope everyone gets to experience it once in their life!! I got lots of pictures so if you follow my facebook you should check them out!

I finally have a good, stable job that will actually make me money! On top of having a decent wage, I'll make commission! It won't be much, but it's so simple to make commission at this job, seriously. I'm still in training, which is where the bulk of my hours are coming from. Next week I only have one day off (Saturday) and the rest I'll be driving from one end of Maryland to the other .__. not looking forward to it at /all/. My car is practically on its last leg so I don't know how well it'll hold up, but we'll see. The paycheck will definitely be worth it and needed.

My mom flew in to town this evening! She'll be here foorrr, I think 2 months. She's an English teacher so she has her summers off. I don't know why she'd want to spend it out here in this god awful humidity. She lives in southern Utah where, even though it's hot, it's dry and at least manageable. Here it's just misery. We were standing outside having a cigarette and even though the sun was down we were both sweating. I hate it so much. I wish I would have brought back some of the cool Irish weather! While my mom is in town she's gonna help me with a budget which is desperately needed! With my previous job I basically lived paycheck to paycheck and I'm in debt now. Not horribly, but I owe on my credit card and line of credit, not to mention I owe my dad money too for all the times he's helped me fix my car. He and my mom both helped me with my rent payment this last month too. Seriously, I know a lot of people complain about their parents, and I do it too, but I really have some amazing ones. Others aren't so lucky, but I shouldn't complain. If I ever need anything either of them are willing to help me and I love them so much. My dad has done some shitty things in the past, but he's never been the type of dad to withhold anything from my sister's or I if we really needed it. And my mom would give us the shirt off her back any damn day. I'm really fortunate to have them ♥

I'm trying to think if there's anything else that needs to be said. Let's see, I talked about the beautiful queens on my tlist, my trip, my life...I think that covers it! :D Oh, if any of you are interested in listening to me try to sing Beast, I recorded myself singing Virus last night. Here!

In case it doesn't embed

don't laugh to hard! Ok, I'm done talking now! I love you all!!  ♥♥♥♥♥♥

New journal

previously at desty_chan . I've had this account for a little while but never used it. I was getting bored of my weeaboo name so I decided to come over here! Unfortunately this one doesn't have as many userpic spaces DD: but yes. This is Desty! Idt I'll be posting as many icon journals here since I'm a member at cturtles so go over there if you're interested in seeing my new icons! ♥♥